I am a PhD student at Criteo AI Labs and LTCI lab at TélécomParisTech in Paris, France. My research namely focus on derivative free optimization and learning from bandit feedback. Recently, I have focused mostly on parametric bandits.

I graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in 2018 where I studied optimal control and statistics. I also got a master’s degree (MsC) at EPFL in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Reviewing Activity

• Reviewer at AISTATS 2021.
• External Reviewer at ALT 2021 for Vianney Perchet.
• Sub-reviewer for Marc Abeille at NeurIPS 2020 (2 papers).
• Reviewer at ICML 2020 (6 papers, top 33% reviewer).
• Sub-reviewer for Marc Abeille at AISTATS 2020 (1 paper).
• Sub-reviewer for Flavian Vasile and Marc Abeille at ICML 2019 (2 papers).


You can reach me at this email address.