I am a PhD student at Criteo AI Labs and LTCI lab at TélécomParisTech in Paris, France. My research namely focus on derivative free optimization and learning from bandit feedback. Recently, I have focused mostly on structural bandits.

Recent activity

  • (25/12/2021) I am moving my personal website here. I will no longer maintain this one.
  • (11/10/2021) I defended my PhD thesis, called "Variance-Sensitive Confidence Intervals for Parametric and Offline Bandits". You can find the manuscript here and the slides here.
  • (01/04/2021) Our paper "Instance-Wise Minimax-Optimal Algorithms for Logistic Bandits" was accepted for oral presentation at AISTATS. Check out the slides here.
  • (22/12/2020) Two papers accepted at AISTATS21: "Instance-Wise Minimax-Optimal Algorithms for Logistic Bandits" and "Self-Concordant Analysis of Generalized Linear Bandits with Forgetting".
  • (22/12/2020) One paper accepted at ALT21: "Optimal Regret Bounds for Generalized Linear Bandits under Parameter Drift".
  • (27/10/2020) New preprint "Instance-Wise Minimax-Optimal Algorithms for Logistic Bandits". Check it out here!
  • (17/09/2020) We will present some recent work on distributional robustness for learning offline contextual bandits at the REVEAL workshop of RecSys'20. Check it out here!
  • (01/06/2020) Our paper "Improved Optimistic Algorithms for Logistic Bandits" got accepted at ICML'20.
  • (27/02/2020) New preprint "Improved Optimistic Algorithms for Logistic Bandits", presenting a new non-linear analysis of logistic bandits. Check out the paper here.
  • (09/02/2020) The slides for our oral presentation at AAAI'20 for our work on Counterfactual Risk Minimization are now available here.
  • (10/11/2019) Our paper "Distributionally Robust Counterfactual Risk Minimization" got accepted for oral presentation at AAAI'20. Check out the paper here.